Hassle-free gas connection for everyone

Piped Natural Gas Connection

Piped Natural Gas (PNG) contains mostly methane (CH4) with very insignificant percentage of other hydro carbons. The ratio of carbon to hydrogen is least in methane and hence it burns almost completely making it the cleanest and an Eco-friendly fuel for Domestic Households, Industries and Commercial Units. It is supplied to the burners through pipeline and does not require the hassles for booking, handling, storing, transporting and measuring the underweight cylinder. Being lighter than air, it is a safer fuel for cooking.

Domestic PNG

Natural Gas is supplied up to the kitchen burner through a network of pipelines and fittings conforming to the latest regulatory safety standards. People residing in societies, colonies, multi storied apartments, individual houses etc can get the benefit of Domestic PNG which is convenient, safer, reliable, economic and environment friendly. Uninterrupted gas supply is ensured 24/7 through the vast countrywide pipeline network. Apart from cooking there can be other possible use of Natural Gas in a household such as water heating, space heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and power generation.

Commercial PNG

PNG is the best choice as an alternative Fuel for Commercial Units like Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Dairies, Bakeries, Cold Storages, Malls, Shopping Complexes, Shops, Educational Institutes, Hostels etc. With use of the uninterrupted supply of PNG by the commercial units, it helps them to provide better services to their customers. It is economically viable when compared to other available alternative fuels like commercial LPG. Moreover, there is no hassle of handling, refilling and changing of cylinders. Most gas appliances are low on operational cost than electrical ones.

Industrial PNG

Natural Gas is proved to be a very good replacement fuel to small and mega sized industry. A broad range of industries like Tea manufacturing, ceramics, chemicals, Food processing, Engineering Goods, power generation, Glass industries etc are using Industrial PNG in many parts of the country. A continuous and a reliable gas supply is a significant factor in enhancing efficiency and reducing cost in industrial operations. Combustion of Natural gas releases very small amount of SOx, NOx, virtually no ash or particulate matter and lower levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other reactive hydrocarbons as compared to other fuels like coal and oil. This will contribute to a cleaner environment. Industrial PNG is used by applications like:

  1. Heating- Boiler, Furnace, Thermic Fluid Heater.
  2. Power- Gas Engine and Gas Turbine.
  3. Cooling- Absorption Chiller.
  4. Process- Dryers, Furnace, oven etc.

Advantages of PNG

PNG is more advantageous than LPG. There are several reasons as to why PNG is more advantageous than LPG.

  • Continuous and uninterrupted supply. PNG will be supplied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all through the year. No question of storing PNG.
  • Easily available. Once connected, there is continuous supply through a pipeline. PNG is available as and when required. On switching on the gas stove or turning on the geyser, it will instantaneously be available.
  • Safety 24x7. PNG is absolutely safe. The pressure of PNG is just 21 millibar. The pressure of PNG is 200 times lesser than gas supplied through cylinders. PNG is lighter than air, in case of any leakage; it will instantaneously mix with air and evaporate. But, LPG is heavier than air, and so in case of any leakage, it will settle down in the surroundings, leaving higher chances of fire and explosion from the cylinder.
  • No leakage. Safety valves and Pressure Regulators are installed on pipelines at certain intervals for safety purpose. These pipelines have control and safety devices to regulate the flow in the pipeline. The pipelines used for connections are pneumatically tested post installation, due to which there is negligible chance of leakage of gas.
  • No gas booking needed. Free from any Gas booking worries. no transportation and storage issues.
  • Highly trustworthy. PNG is supplied and metered just like electricity. Since it is measured just like electricity through meters, there is absolutely zero chance of any tampering or the customer receiving lower weight like LPG supplied in cylinders. The reading for this natural gas received through pipelines is registered only for its actual consumption taken place.
  • Clutter free and space free. The LPG cylinder occupies space in the kitchen. However, PNG is supplied through a half-inch pipeline which occupies almost close to negligible space when set up.
  • Pay for what you use. In case of PNG, you have to pay as per the consumption only. This is unlike LPG cylinder where you cannot use all the gas as some quantity is always left in the cylinder.

How to get a PNG connection?

Obtaining a gas supply is a simple process. The procedure consists of the following steps:







Once registration formalities are completed by filling in the form, agreement document and payment of the fixed amount to the Company, the connection will be provided. A meter, a valve and a regulator will be installed along with the pipes. Once this process is over, there will be uninterrupted supply of safe fuel gas as per requirements.

Do's & Don'ts

  • Ensure that the hose pipe is secured by clamps at both ends. Check regularly and replace immediately if damaged.
  • Always use hose pipes supplied/approved by the Gas Company. Never use non standardized and unauthorized tube.
  • Windows should be kept open or exhaust fan switched on while using gas.
  • Turn off gas tap if not in use.
  • In case of any leakage, close the main isolation valve and immediately inform the Company.
  • Never try to modify/alter any gas equipment (pipes, fittings etc) on your own. Authorized technician is required for the same.
  • Avoid naked flame/spark/smoking near leakage area.
  • Avoid cooking or operation of electrical switch if any smell of leakage detected.
  • Never do any digging/construction work on gas pipeline. If urgently required consult Company officials prior to work.
  • Never install gas geyser in the bathroom or any concealed area.

Frequently asked questions

Is PNG (Piped Natural Gas) more advantageous as compared to LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)?
Yes, Absolutely. PNG is more advantageous than LPG. There are several reasons as to why PNG is more advantageous than LPG. Continuous and uninterrupted supply - PNG will be supplied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. No question of storing PNG.
Do I need to make any changes to my gas stove for using PNG gas?
Yes, some minor changes to the stove are necessary which shall be carried out by our authorized technician at the time of installation.
What do I have to do with my LPG cylinder once I get the PNG connection?
You will have to return the cylinder to your current gas supplying company after which you will get your deposit refund back from them.
Can I get the connection, if I live in a rented house?
Yes, connection in a rented house is possible against the tenant, if the owner of the house/landlord issues a No Objection Certificate to the tenant.